Cape Verde Catch Report for June 2018

As a result of an unfavourable current bringing cooler water, the number of blue marlins around the Cape Verde islands has been noticeably lower than usual in June this season. We fished on our vessel, the HOOKER, skippered by Matthias Henningsen and assisted by his mates Wilson and Kevin. We had Jimmy from the USA at our disposal as cameraman. We fished the area around Santo Antao for the first couple of days and targeted the bank off Sao Nicolau for the rest of the trip.

Unsere Ergebnisse in der Übersicht:

Day 01 – 1/1 Blue Marlin
Day 02 – 1/1 Blue Marlin
Day 03 – 0/0 Blue Marlin, we had a knock down from a big one
Day 04 – 1/2 Blue Marlin
Day 05 – 1/1 Blue Marlin
Day 06 – 0/1 Blue Marlin and raised 1 more. Caught a Wahoo for dinner.
Day 07 – 1/3 Blue Marlin, pulled the hook one a big one and raised 2 more
Day 08 – 1/2 Blue Marlin and raised 1 more
Day 09 – 2/2 Blue Marlin and raised 2 more
Day 10 – 2/2 Blue Marlin and raised 1 more
Day 11 – 0/2 Blue Marlin

In total we caught 10 blue marlin out of 17 strikes and observed a further 7 of the same species tracking the boat but failing to take our baits.

Lures & Method

We fished with 3 teasers, a dredge and single-hook lures. 8 marlins were taken on pitch baits and two with single-hook lures. We used our “Mr. Big”, “Grander 1238” and “Conan” lures as teasers. The lure rigged with a hook was a “Superjet” from our own range.

Tight Lines
Stephan Kreupl, June 2018

Für Fragen zur Fischerei und Buchungen stehen wir euch gerne zur Verfügung:

Matthias Henningsen

Stephan Kreupl