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Divan Coetzee

Born 1985 in South Africa. Whether bodyboarding, spearfishing or big game fishing, the ocean has always been a big part of my life from a really young age. Richards Bay, South Africa is a seasonal fishery with great variety throughout the year from bottom fishing, general game fishing and then the big game species like blue, black and striped marlin as well as big yellowfin tunas. This variety growing up and basis played a big part in my later successes. I thoroughly enjoyed all facets of fishing which transitioned into my ultimate love and passion for chasing giant marlin around the world.

Having spent a few years on Ascension island, Cape Verde and The Great Barrier Reef as well as Bazaruto in Mozambique its no secret that I’m all about the big ones but in saying that I also fished Guatemala and refined my light tackle and numbers techniques which helped a great deal in the chase for numbers in Cape Verde.

My love for the ocean and outdoors is undeniable and its all about having fun with good people!

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