Aloha Hawaii – or 5 Vacationes for the first small Marlin!

Long a long time ago, at the beginning of the 80’s, the last century, there were no Handys, you wrote with care still polite letters or Fax messages on thermal paper. And it was only with difficulty possible, to get current Big-Game information, for example over the IGFA or their representatives, US magazines or experienced anglers. The circle of Big gamers in german-speaking countries was then also still very small – personally I knew nobody in the area of Frankfurt.

After extensive planning and with great anticipation Martina and i flew 1982 (with a long stop in San Francisco) to Oahu-Hawaii. The personal known residents welcomed us with the usual ceremonies and from the first moment the enthusiastic and enchanted atmosphere of this archipelago and its friendly got us. Such a beginning, we will have a super vacation, I thought. But, nearby I wanted to catch some marlin too, maybe that fish, we knew from US Magazines.

Unfortunately there was a difference between my dreams and the reality: some beautiful Dorados and but not a single Marlinkontakt. At least the Grill was plenty of tasty fish overcast. Our friend were thrilled and I was a professional in their eyes. Through the intensive contact with the Hawaiiens we got even insight into the fantasy world of surfing. Fantastic! Our friend invited us in subsequent years again and again, ultimately, it were five vacations. Martina and I marched seriously to move to Hawaii, but this is another story.

Also our holiday no 2 and 3 remained (despite major efforts) unfortunately without Marlin. In these days, my passion for the “riffbite-fish” started ;-). When they weren´t hungry, we got them with the poons. To my bad look with marlins, the professional crews said “Wrong time or wrong place”. After my fourth Hawaii journey and over 50 fishing exits without marlin, I swered “No more Hawaii for marlin fishing”! I was frustrated.

But the next year…..we were back again at Hawaii. And this time, it worked with my first, hard fighted Hawaii-Marlin. With the exit number 61 and at the deepest frustrating-point I got my first Marlin Strike and after that I got my second strike and I lost the fish, a big blue marlin during the fight. Only after this two strikes I got my first Marlin, a little Stripie with about 120lb!

Proudly we brought the fish to the marina, cut filets, took the best pieces for our barbecue and sold the rest to a restaurant in Honolulu. Well guys, the second headline should be “Five times to Hawaii for catching the first, little marlin”. So cruel the world can be …

But….why do I have such a pleasant memory to this frustration an agony? Maybe, this up and downs, frustrations and luck are goals of the angling. When it was to easy, it gets boring; and I think hunting for marlin would loose the magic. Our famous model Ernest Hemingway (a very good marlinangler too) knew this feelings very good and maybe much more intensive then us before he wrote his world famous book. Let us learn from him and take his book “The old man and the sea” for our guideline.

I think we all know that Hawaii is a very good area for very big fishes. Here is a little listing of the best catches:

By the way….since that time, my luck came back. The marlin-knot seems to be cut off. For ever?! Or wanted the god of the sea protect me for the marlin-fever? Let´s see what the future brings with the marlin an me.

Aloha Stephan Kreupl